Dear Suzanne Venker


Dear Suzanne Venker,

I am highly offended by your call to women to “turn everything around” and “surrender to their nature- their femininity” to make sure that marriageable men stay in our society. If men do not want to marry the type of strong, independent woman that modern culture develops then I am not interested in getting married. Women have played a role in changing American culture. In fact, they have played a LARGE role in changing and shaping American culture. Lots of women have been open to changing their identity now that they are not only wives and mothers but they are also contributing to the workforce. Maybe men have not opened their mind up to the different roles that they can play in society. People evolve and culture evolves with them and going backwards is not the answer. The feminist movement was a distinct call to address an unhappiness and an oppression of women. The answer is not to go back to this mold, but to challenge ourselves to adapt to a modern society.

I hope that you know that the message of your article tells women to stop going to school and working and you will get a husband. Maybe you should follow your own advice and stop writing for the public eye to see. That way you can live in a “happy marriage” and no one else with have to be infected with your archaic thoughts on gender roles. I do not think men are the enemy. If you do not want to marry a modern women then that will be to your own detriment. Maybe, Suzanne, these men do not want to get married because women are finally having a say in the quality of man they want to end up with. Women have the power to be alone rather than settle for something that does not feel right. Women have rights without having a husband. Perhaps these men are acting out against marriage because they have been rejected by a modern day woman that has not been wiling to settle for a man that thinks in the past. A man’s hurt pride is no reason to surrender what women have fought for. Please do not challenge American culture to move backwards. This is a waste of time. Challenge everyone to evolve and adapt and find new sources of pride. Really, Suzanne, are you kidding me?

Here is a link to the original article from FOX news.

Peace and Love,



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  1. I wholeheartedly agree; Suzanne is downright offensive. If men aren’t interested in marrying strong women, then I’m not interested in getting married either. And fortunately, today women can live a successful life without marriage. By encouraging women to be independent and not rely heavily on men, we are creating a brighter future and steps towards gender equality. The idea that women should step away from education and the public sphere is sending our progression of women’s rights back several steps. We cannot afford to lose any of the equality we have started to gain; we are still in an uphill battle. We have to promote strong females and prove that in today’s society, women can get married and still hold onto their independence and role in the public sphere and workforce. We’ve got to stop these ludicrous ideas of surrendering any part of identity to be a woman, and focus on trying to progress our society further so that women can take on any role they please and need not worry about gender roles or not meeting success.

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